Truck Bed Liners at Jordan Camper

At Jordan Camper, we want to make sure you have top quality equipment in your truck. That’s why we use Line-x bed liners to give you the highest quality liners available.

Here is more information on the benefits of the high quality Truck Bed Liners from Jordan Camper.

Benefits of Our Truck Bed Liners

At Jordan Camper, we only install Line-x bed liners, so you can count on the highest quality thick liners on the market.

These liners are guaranteed to last in high and low temperature environments, and will stand the test of time no matter how much you use your truck. There are a variety of linings available to suit your particular needs.

The Details

Our spray-on bed liners from Line-X can be used for a variety of surfaces although truck beds are the most common option. We can spray a single truck bed in 3-5 hours starting at $495.00.

We always spray 120 mils thick to ensure thorough protection and durability.  This means that your truck bed will receive optimal protection from the elements and the wear and tear of using your truck.


Each of our bed liners is protected with a lifetime warrantee for as long as you own the truck, which means you are protected now and in the future.   With our warrantee, you can be sure that your bed liners are always protecting your truck bed.

Working with Jordan Camper

Now is the time to invest in a Truck Bed Liner from Jordan Camper in Utah. Contact our team today to start installing your bed liner!